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I am adding this information about some of our recent puppy buyers



This young pup Darcy belongs to the DPI Tasmanian Fox Eradication and is doing well for a young pup and they are now getting another one from the latest litter. Hopefully these dogs wil benefit the enviroment and eliminate vermin.





Brack seems to be happiest romping around in the bush – he’s definitely a fan of camping and last weekend I took him hunting for the first time – he may have been a lucky charm as I bagged two fallow deer (one of them being a 230+ buck). He’s equally happy lazing about at home though and has just discovered the heater (its starting to get a bit chilly here in the evenings). We are continually surprised at his intelligence – he is a very switched on dog with a somewhat human-like gaze when looking at you. He’s taken very well to dog school and picks most things up first time. We have started to develop a very good level of communication with him which I am most happy about. 6 months old       Tim and Jenny (Vict)


Hi Trish

Tikka tracked his first deer and then went on point, he loves to swim.4 months old Stacy (Tasmania)

Rad with his dog Brian who scored this large stag in Victoria in 2010.
Rads comments are this dog has talent and he is a real Champion. Brian is just over 12 months in this picture
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