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When translated to English Drahthaar means Wirehair, the word Pointer is added as an addition but not used in Germany to describe the breed.German Wirehaired Pointer is the  English term.

Most are Registered as Drahthaars in Europe. However the Mother club have their own Registration and the dogs certified within that Society are Verein Drahthaars.

KOBNKO Pronounced Cobb N Co














My dogs have imported bloodlines and are exceptional hunting and deer tracking dogs.  Only from health certified and working certified bloodlines. 

Rhoda 2021  At 10 weeks

Falko At 8 Weeks

Both these Browns out of Frozen working CACT and VJP Tested, European Champion Blood


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Selectively Bred for Hunting Performance for serious hunters only.





​Boz and Proud Owner David Richardson NZ

The New kid who will reside in NSW.

Born in 2021 All imported work tested bloodline




Bajnok Menti Paul

Barak at 17 months





 Kobnko the name for Strong Hunters All Game All Terrain



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Understanding that any particular breed is much more than just its individual scores I carefully and thoroughly research the dog's ancestry for health, performance, temperament issues, strengths and weaknesses when selecting a stud dog. Most studs are from Frozen Semen from overseas working bloodlines. I am extremely proud of the 3 puppies  sent to Friends in USA along with Dentrese Kennels. These puppies have proven themselves with NAVHDA tests prize 2 x prize 1 and 2. They also achieved placements at GWPCA National 2013. Picture below of their arrival in USA

Bonza Exported to USA Standing and pup trio far left on screen. Passed all Health tests and

all have passed work tests. NAVHDA = Prufung. North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. Bonza passed with top Scores prize 1.

Pointing green collar is Fosters and red collar Kiwi. Sired by Valko V Ostetal. 

Proud to have exported Quality dogs overseas to Ripsnorters Kennels.






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